How Many Feet Is a Semi Truck?

Semi-trucks, more commonly referred to as semi-trailers or tractor-trailers, are an integral part of the transportation industry. From carrying goods across the country to delivering food to local restaurants, they are essential for the movement of goods and services. But how long is a semi-truck?

A semi-truck is typically about 53 feet long from bumper to bumper. This includes up to 13 feet for a cab and 40 feet for a trailer.

This can vary slightly depending on the type of truck and the load it is carrying. For example, some flatbed trucks may be slightly longer than 45 feet, while other specialized trucks may be shorter.

The total length of a truck including its load can also vary depending on what it is carrying. A typical tractor trailer with two full trailers will measure around 80 feet in length. However, some longer trucks can reach up to 90 or even 100 feet in length.

The width of a semi-truck also varies depending on the type. Standard single axle trucks are typically around 8’6” wide while double axle trucks are typically around 9’6” wide. The height of a semi-truck can range from 13’6” to 14’6” tall.


In conclusion, the total length of a semi truck varies depending on the type and load it is carrying, but generally falls between 53 feet and 100 feet in length. The width of a standard single axle truck is typically 8’6″ wide while double axle trucks are usually 9’6″ wide and their height ranges from 13’6″ to 14’6″ tall.

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