How Many Feet Is the Rear Blind Spot Behind a Semi-Truck?

The rear blind spot behind a semi-truck is an area where the truck driver has limited visibility and cannot see objects or people. It is estimated that the average size of the rear blind spot is 30 feet. This distance can vary depending on the make and model of the truck and its height, as well as the angle of the mirrors.

The size of this blind spot means that pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles should not be within 30 feet of a semi-truck when it is moving. Even when it is stopped, it is best to stay at least 15 feet away from a semi-truck in order to remain out of its blind spot.

When driving near a semi-truck, it is important to remember that they have large blind spots and cannot always see you. Always make sure to leave plenty of space between your car and a semi-truck when passing or merging into traffic. It may also be helpful to use signals or wave at them to ensure they are aware of your presence.

It can be difficult for drivers to gauge exactly how big the rear blind spot behind a semi-truck actually is due to its immense size. However, understanding how big this blind spot really is can help drivers stay safe on the roads by avoiding being in this area.

Conclusion: The rear blind spot behind a semi-truck typically measures around 30 feet in length, although this can vary depending on its make and model as well as its height and angle of mirrors. It is important for drivers to understand this distance in order to remain safe while driving near these large vehicles by avoiding being within their blind spots at all times.

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