How Many Gallons Does a Full-Size Pickup Truck Hold?

Full-size pickup trucks are a popular choice for those who need the combination of power and convenience that only a truck can provide. But how much fuel does a full-size pickup truck hold?

The answer varies depending on the make and model, but typically they hold between 20 and 26 gallons of gas.

The amount of fuel a full-size pickup truck can hold is determined by two factors: the size of the fuel tank, and how efficiently the engine uses fuel. Typically, full-size trucks have larger tanks than smaller vehicles, allowing them to hold more fuel. Additionally, most modern full-size pickups are equipped with engines that are designed to be more efficient than older models, which means they use less fuel per mile traveled.

The amount of gas a full-size pickup holds also depends on its specific make and model. For example, some models may have larger tanks than others due to design differences or other factors. It’s important to check the specifications for each individual truck you’re considering in order to get an accurate estimate of how much fuel it can hold.

Fuel Economy

In addition to capacity, it’s also important to consider the overall fuel economy of a full-size pickup truck. The EPA estimates that most modern models get around 15 miles per gallon in city driving and 21 mpg on highways. This means that even though these trucks may have larger tanks than smaller vehicles, they still may not be able to travel as far on one tank as other cars.


In conclusion, the amount of gas a full-size pickup truck holds depends on several factors including its size, engine efficiency, and make/model. Generally speaking, these trucks can hold anywhere from 20 to 26 gallons of gas; however this number can vary significantly depending on the specific model in question. Additionally, their overall fuel economy should also be taken into consideration when estimating how far you can travel on one tank.

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