How Many Gallons Does a Semi Diesel Truck Hold?

A semi diesel truck is designed to move heavy loads over long distances, and due to their size, they can carry an impressive amount of fuel. The amount of fuel a semi diesel truck holds depends on a few different factors, such as the make and model of the truck and its size. Generally speaking, the average semi diesel truck holds between 200-400 gallons of fuel.

Size Matters

The size of a semi diesel truck does play a role in how much fuel it can hold. Smaller trucks will typically have smaller tanks, meaning they may only hold 200-300 gallons.

Meanwhile, larger trucks may have larger tanks and can hold up to 400 gallons or more. Additionally, the size of the load that is being hauled by the truck can also affect how much fuel it needs for longer trips.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The capacity of a semi diesel truck’s fuel tank is also determined by its make and model. Some models are designed with smaller tanks so that they take up less space in the cab while others are designed with larger tanks so that they can carry more fuel at once. The exact capacity of each tank will depend on its make and model as well as its size.

Fuel Efficiency

Another factor when it comes to how many gallons a semi diesel truck holds is its efficiency rating. Many modern-day trucks are designed with improved engines that offer better fuel efficiency than their predecessors did. This means that even though they may have smaller tanks than their predecessors, they still may be able to travel farther on less fuel because they use it more efficiently.

As you can see, there are a few factors that determine how many gallons a semi diesel truck holds – from its make and model to its size and efficiency rating – all these factors come into play when determining how much fuel capacity it has.


In conclusion, the average semi diesel truck holds between 200-400 gallons of fuel depending on its make and model, size, and efficiency rating. With improved engine technology allowing for improved fuel efficiency, even smaller trucks can still travel farther on less gas – making them an excellent choice for long haul trips where every drop counts!

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