How Many Litres of Fuel Does a Semi Truck Hold?

When it comes to transporting goods and materials, semi trucks are the workhorses of the logistics industry. These large vehicles are designed to haul heavy loads, but they can only do so if they have enough fuel to get them from point A to point B.

So, how many litres of fuel does a semi truck hold? The answer depends on a variety of factors.

The size and weight of the semi truck will influence the amount of fuel it can carry. The larger and heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it needs.

This is because bigger trucks require more energy to move, meaning they must burn more fuel just to keep moving. Additionally, larger loads mean that more power must be generated in order to move them, which also requires more fuel.

A semi truck’s engine also has an effect on how much fuel it holds. Different engines require different amounts of fuel in order to operate efficiently.

For example, a diesel engine will usually require less fuel than a gasoline engine because diesel is denser and contains more energy per litre than gasoline. On average, most semi trucks hold between 200-400 litres of diesel fuel.

Finally, the type of load being hauled affects how much fuel a semi truck holds. Heavier loads will require more power and thus more fuel in order for the truck to move efficiently. On the other hand, lighter loads may need less power and therefore less fuel.


The amount of litres of fuel that a semi truck holds is highly dependent on factors such as its size and weight, engine type, as well as type of load being hauled. Generally speaking, most semi trucks hold between 200-400 litres of diesel fuel when fully loaded.

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