How Many Pieces Does the Lego Heavy-Duty Tow Truck Have?

Lego has been a mainstay of childhood entertainment and development for generations. The Heavy-Duty Tow Truck set is no exception.

This creative set is designed to help children learn the basics of construction and engineering in a fun, interactive way. It comes with 283 pieces, allowing for plenty of creative options and playtime opportunity.

The Heavy-Duty Tow Truck set features two unique building options. The first is the tow truck itself, which includes a tall cab and working winch. This is built out of 213 pieces, which includes several Technic-style axles and beams as well as plenty of bright colors to spark imagination.

The second building option is the trailer, which can be attached to the tow truck. This trailer also features several Technic-style axles and beams as well as 70 more pieces to complete the look. Combined with the truck, this makes for an impressive 283 pieces in total.

The Heavy-Duty Tow Truck set comes with plenty of accessories too. These include a small toolbox, four tires (two for the truck and two for the trailer), two black flags, a small ladder, a fire extinguisher, and even a mini figure riding in the cab! All these accessories help bring life to this construction set.


In conclusion, Lego’s Heavy-Duty Tow Truck set contains a total of 283 pieces. These include 213 pieces for building the truck itself as well as 70 additional pieces for building the trailer. Additionally, there are several accessories included to bring even more life to this creative construction set.

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