How Many Truck Loads of Dirt Does It Take for Monster Jam?

Monster Jam is the world’s premier monster truck racing and freestyle competition. With over 12 million fans in attendance at over 350 events throughout the year, Monster Jam is one of the most popular motorsports events in the world.

But just how much dirt does it take to fill a Monster Jam arena?

Monster Jam arenas are filled with between 500 and 800 tons of dirt for each show. This dirt must be brought in from outside sources, either from local quarries or from other Monster Jam events.

The dirt is then spread evenly across the entire arena floor and shaped into jumps, mounds, and other obstacles for the monster trucks to navigate. Depending on the venue size, it usually takes between 8-10 truckloads of dirt to fill an arena for a Monster Jam event.

The dirt itself is specially formulated for use in Monster Jam arenas. It must be soft enough so that when trucks land after jumps they don’t get stuck or damaged, but firm enough so that they don’t sink into it when driving over it at high speeds. The composition varies depending on regional availability and weather conditions.


So there you have it – 8-10 truckloads of special dirt are needed to fill a Monster Jam arena. The composition will vary depending on local availability and weather conditions, but one thing’s for sure – even if you’re not interested in monster trucks, you can still appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating a Monster Jam event.

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