How Many Yards of Mulch Will Fit in a Pickup Truck?

When it comes to landscaping, one of the most important things to consider is the amount of mulch that you need. Mulch is a great way to give your lawn or garden a finished look and provide it with protection from weeds and pests. But how much mulch can you fit in a pickup truck?

The answer depends on the size of your pickup truck as well as the type of mulch you are using. Most standard pickups can fit up to 8 yards of mulch when filled completely full, with some trucks able to hold up to 10 yards. This amount will vary depending on the size and shape of the bed, so it’s important to measure before you start loading.

When it comes to types of mulch, there are many options available. The most common types are organic materials such as wood chips, bark chips, and shredded leaves.

These materials are usually light and airy, which makes them easy to fill the truck bed with. They also tend to be more affordable than other types.

Inorganic materials such as rubber or stone tend to be heavier than organic materials, so they generally require more space in the bed. Rubber and stone also tend to be more expensive than organic materials.

If you’re using a large pickup truck such as a Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado, then you may be able to fit up to 12 yards of mulch in one load. However, if you’re using a smaller pickup such as a Toyota Tacoma or Honda Ridgeline then you may only be able to fit 4-6 yards at most.


To answer the question “How many yards of mulch will fit in a pickup truck?” it really depends on both the size and type of mulch used as well as the size of your pickup truck. Most standard pickups can fit up 8-10 yards when filled completely full while larger trucks may be able hold up 12 yards or more. Before loading your truck with mulch make sure that you measure its capacity first so that you don’t overload it!

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