How Much Bed Liner Does It Take to Paint a Truck?

Bed liners are an essential part of truck maintenance and customization. Not only do they protect the underlying paint from scratches and dings, but they also add a unique look to a truck’s exterior.

But before you can enjoy the benefits of a bed liner, you have to figure out how much bed liner you’ll need to cover your truck.

The amount of bed liner needed for a truck depends on several factors, including the size of the truck bed and the type of bed liner you choose. For example, if you’re using a spray-on bed liner, you’ll need more material than if you’re using a roll-on or drop-in bed liner. You should also take into consideration any accessories that may be attached to your truck bed such as toolboxes or tailgates.

Spray-on liners typically come in two sizes: one gallon and two gallon kits. One gallon is enough to cover a small pickup truck with an average size 6 foot x 4 foot bed.

For larger trucks or extra large beds, it may require up to two gallons for adequate coverage. Make sure to follow any instructions included with your spray-on kit for best results.

Roll-on and drop-in liners are generally sold in sheets that are cut to fit your specific truck model. The number of sheets required will depend on the size of your truck bed, so it’s important to measure carefully before making your purchase. Generally speaking, most full-size pickups need anywhere from four to eight sheets depending on their size.

No matter which type of liner you choose, it’s important that you take your time when applying it in order to get the best results possible. Make sure all surfaces are clean and free from debris before starting, and follow all instructions carefully when applying the product. Taking these steps will help ensure that your new bed liner looks great for years to come!


The amount of material needed for painting a truck with a bedliner depends on many factors including the size of the truck, type of liner being used, and any accessories attached to the vehicle. Spray on kits typically come in one or two gallon sizes while roll on and drop in liners are sold in sheets cut specifically for individual trucks models between four and eight pieces depending on size. It is important that all instructions be followed carefully when applying any kind of bedliner in order for it last as long as possible.

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