How Much Can I Make With My Pickup Truck?

With the need for a more flexible transportation option on the rise, many people are turning to pickup trucks as an economical and reliable solution. In addition to being a great way to haul items and transport passengers, pickup trucks can also be potentially lucrative investments. With many different ways to make money with your pickup truck, you may be wondering how much you can actually make.

1. Deliveries

One of the most common ways to make money with your pickup truck is by making deliveries.

Whether it’s food, packages or furniture, there are plenty of opportunities out there that require someone with a vehicle to pick up and deliver items. Many delivery companies offer competitive rates and bonuses for drivers, so this is an ideal option if you need some extra cash.

2. Freelance Moving Services

Another great way to make money with your pickup truck is by offering freelance moving services.

With more people on the move than ever before, there are always people in need of assistance when it comes to moving their belongings from one place to another. You can charge hourly rates or flat fees for packing up and delivering items from one location to another, making it a great side hustle that can easily add up over time.

3. Advertising Space

If you have a particularly eye-catching vehicle with lots of space for advertising decals or logos, then you could also consider renting out space on your vehicle for advertising purposes. Companies will pay good money for mobile advertising space, so this could be a great way to monetize your vehicle while also getting free advertising.


Overall, owning a pickup truck can be an incredibly versatile investment that allows you to make money in multiple ways. From deliveries and freelance moving services to renting out advertising space on your vehicle – there are plenty of opportunities out there that can help you maximize the potential of your truck and earn some extra income in the process!

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