How Much Dirt Can a Pickup Truck Hold?

Pickup trucks are one of the most versatile vehicles on the road today. They can be used for work, recreational activities, and even as a family vehicle.

With all of these different uses, it can be hard to determine how much dirt a pickup truck can hold. To help make this determination, we will look at the size of pickup beds, the type of dirt you’re hauling, and how much weight your vehicle can safely carry.

Size of Pickup Beds – The size of your pickup bed will likely be the biggest factor in determining how much dirt it can hold. Pickup beds come in both small and large sizes, ranging from 6-foot-long beds to 8-foot-long beds. Generally speaking, larger beds will allow you to carry more weight than smaller beds.

Type of Dirt – The type of dirt you are hauling will also influence how much dirt your truck can handle. Loose soil such as sand or gravel is relatively light compared to heavier types like clay or topsoil. This means that if you are hauling loose soil, you may be able to fit more dirt into your truck than if you were hauling a heavier type.

Vehicle Weight Capacity – Another important factor is the weight capacity of your vehicle. All vehicles have a designated weight capacity that when exceeded could lead to serious damage or even an accident. It is important to know what your vehicle’s weight capacity is and make sure not to exceed it when loading up with dirt.


Overall, the amount of dirt a pickup truck can hold will depend on three main factors: size of pickup bed, type of dirt being hauled, and vehicle weight capacity. Taking all these variables into account can help ensure that you don’t overload your truck and stay safe while transporting loads.

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