How Much Do a Tesla Semi Truck Cost?

Tesla Semi Truck is a revolutionary electric semi-truck designed by Tesla Motors, and it has been talked about as the future of transportation. The truck promises to revolutionize the way freight is delivered by cutting emission, providing better safety and more efficient fuel costs.

Tesla Semi Truck was officially unveiled in November 2017, and the company has since been working towards production and delivery. The truck has two variants – the 300-mile range version and 500-mile range version. The former will come with a battery pack of 300kWh while the latter will have 500kWh.

The Tesla Semi Truck is equipped with four independent electric motors that provide instant torque with extreme power. It also comes with Enhanced Autopilot capabilities that allow for semi-autonomous driving. Other features include improved aerodynamics, instant acceleration, and regenerative braking.

The cost of Tesla Semi Truck is expected to be between $150,000 to $200,000 per unit depending on the range and battery capacity. This cost is comparable to diesel trucks in terms of initial investment but significantly cheaper when taking into account fuel costs over time.


Tesla Semi Truck is a revolutionary electric semi-truck designed for better efficiency, safety, and emissions.

It is expected to cost between $150,000-$200,000 per unit depending on range and battery capacity. This cost may be higher upfront than traditional diesel trucks but can pay off over time due to lower fuel costs.

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