How Much Do CDL Tow Truck Drivers Make?

Tow truck drivers who are certified with a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) are in great demand by both private and public companies. With their specialized training, they can provide a wide range of services, including towing cars, trailers, boats, and other large vehicles. While the job of a tow truck driver may not sound glamorous, it is an important and rewarding career that can provide a steady income.

CDL tow truck drivers typically make between $13 and $17 per hour. This wage is based on factors such as experience level, location, company size, and the type of work performed.

For example, some tow truck drivers may be asked to do specialized tasks such as winching or transporting hazardous materials. These tasks can command higher wages than general towing services.

In addition to the base pay rate for CDL tow truck drivers, many companies also offer bonuses and incentives for good performance. These bonuses may include additional pay for working overtime or completing jobs in a timely manner. Other perks may include health insurance coverage or vacation time.

Most CDL tow truck drivers work full-time hours but part-time positions are available as well. The nature of their work often requires them to travel long distances so they should expect to be away from home at times. It is important to note that the job can be physically demanding so applicants should be in good physical shape.


CDL tow truck drivers provide a valuable service to both private and public entities and their wages reflect this importance. The pay rate for these professionals can vary depending on experience level, location, company size and the type of work performed but typically ranges from $13-$17 per hour with additional bonuses available for good performance.

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