How Much Do FedEx Semi Truck Drivers Make?

FedEx semi-truck drivers are in high demand. With the growth of e-commerce and the need for companies to move goods quickly and efficiently, FedEx is one of the most popular shipping companies in the world.

That means there is plenty of opportunity to make good money as a FedEx semi-truck driver.

The amount that a FedEx semi-truck driver can make depends on a variety of factors including experience, route, and type of truck being driven. The average salary for a FedEx semi-truck driver ranges from around $45,000 to $70,000 per year.

Of course, the more experienced drivers can make much more than this.

The job of a FedEx semi-truck driver is not without its challenges. Drivers are responsible for long hours on the road, often in difficult weather conditions.

They also have to be aware of any potential hazards on their route such as traffic or construction sites. There can also be long periods of time away from home, so it’s important for FedEx drivers to have strong organizational skills and be able to manage their time effectively.

FedEx also offers its drivers benefits such as medical coverage, vacation days, and retirement plans. These benefits can help offset some of the costs associated with being a truck driver.


FedEx semi-truck drivers have plenty of opportunities to make good money while enjoying the perks that go along with being part of a large international company. The amount they can earn depends on several factors such as experience level and type of truck being driven but is typically between $45,000-$70,000 per year with experienced drivers making more than this. In addition to their salary, they also enjoy benefits such as medical coverage and retirement plans.

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