How Much Do Monster Truck Tickets Cost?

Monster truck shows are an exciting and fun event for people of all ages. Many people are drawn to the spectacle of large trucks performing stunts and tricks, and they often wonder how much it costs to attend. The cost of monster truck tickets varies depending on the show you’re attending, but generally speaking, the price is quite affordable.

For most events, ticket prices start at around $20 for general admission, which includes access to all of the activities surrounding the show, such as sideshows and vendors. These tickets typically do not include access to the pit party or any other special events that may be occurring before or after the main show.

If you’d like to attend a pit party or other activities prior to the show, you can expect to pay an additional fee of around $10-20 per person.

These fees are typically worth it for fans who want a closer look at the trucks and a chance to interact with drivers and crew members.

The price of premium seating also varies greatly depending on the venue. For many shows, VIP seating is available at a cost of around $50-100 per person. This type of seating usually includes perks such as early access to the venue and access to exclusive areas where fans can get up close and personal with drivers and their trucks.


Monster truck tickets cost vary depending on where you’re attending the show, but generally speaking they are quite affordable with prices starting at around $20 for general admission tickets. If you’d like access to special events like pit parties or premium seating, you can expect to pay an additional fee ranging from $10-100 per person.

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