How Much Do Tow Truck Driver Make in California?

Tow truck drivers in California make a good living, depending on the company they work for and the area they are located in. The average salary for a tow truck driver in California is around $35,000 per year, with some of the most experienced drivers making up to $60,000 annually.

For those looking to become tow truck drivers in California, there are numerous benefits that come with the job. For starters, tow truck drivers are generally their own bosses, meaning they can set their own hours and schedules.

This allows them to have more freedom and flexibility as they go about their daily lives. Additionally, tow truck drivers get to see many different parts of California while on the job; it’s a great way to explore the state and experience new things.

The nature of the job itself is relatively straightforward; however, all tow truck drivers must be licensed by the state of California in order to operate a vehicle of this type. This requires taking a written test as well as completing a proficiency exam. Once licensed, tow truck drivers can expect to deal with customers who need assistance with various types of vehicles from cars and trucks all the way up to boats and RVs.

Tow truck drivers are also responsible for ensuring that all laws and regulations regarding safety are followed at all times. This includes making sure that no one is hurt during any vehicle movements or repairs that may be necessary. Tow truck drivers must also provide prompt customer service in order to ensure customer satisfaction levels remain high at all times.

In terms of wages and benefits, tow truck driver salaries vary greatly depending on location and experience level. Those just starting out can expect an average salary of around $15 per hour while those who have been driving for several years may see salaries closer to $22 or even $25 per hour depending on where they live and what company they work for.

Benefits such as vacation days, health insurance plans, 401k plans and other perks may also be available depending on the employer.


Overall, being a tow truck driver in California is an excellent career choice for those looking for job security as well as flexibility and freedom in their schedule. With an average salary of around $35k per year or up to $60k annually for highly experienced individuals, it’s easy to see why many people choose this profession.

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