How Much Do Truck Bed Campers Weigh?

Truck bed campers are an increasingly popular form of camping, allowing campers to have the convenience of a travel trailer, while still being able to use their truck’s full cargo capacity. But with this convenience comes a certain amount of weight. So how much do truck bed campers weigh?

The answer depends on the type and size of the camper. Smaller, lightweight campers may weigh as little as 200 pounds, while larger models can weigh up to 2,500 pounds when fully loaded with supplies and equipment. Depending on your truck’s load capacity, you may need to upgrade the suspension or add additional supports for heavier models.

When estimating truck bed camper weight, it’s important to factor in the weight of any extra features you’ll be adding as well. This could include awnings, exterior storage boxes, or even a slide-out room. These extras can add hundreds of pounds to your camper’s overall weight.

In addition to the actual camper weight, you should also consider the amount of weight that will be added by your camping supplies and equipment. This includes everything from food and water tanks to sleeping bags and other items needed for camping. The amount of gear you bring can vary widely depending on how much space is available in your truck bed.


The amount that a truck bed camper weighs can vary widely depending on its size and features. Generally speaking, smaller lightweight models can weigh anywhere from 200-2,500 pounds when fully loaded with supplies and equipment. It’s important to factor in any additional weight from extra features or camping gear when estimating how much your truck bed camper will weigh.

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