How Much Do Truck Bed Covers Help Gas Mileage?

Truck bed covers are an invaluable accessory for any pickup truck. They protect the cargo in the bed of the truck from the elements and any potential theft. Aside from protecting your cargo, they can also help with improving your gas mileage.

The truck bed cover acts as a shield against air hitting the back of the truck. This helps to reduce drag and improves aerodynamics, which increases fuel efficiency. The cover also helps to keep items in the bed secure, eliminating any potential drag caused by loose items shifting around in the back of your truck.

The type of cover you choose will determine how much it helps with gas mileage. Hard covers are often heavier than soft covers, so it may not be as effective at reducing drag as a lighter option. However, hard covers do provide more security for your cargo and can also be installed more quickly than a soft cover.

Soft covers are often lighter than hard covers, making them more effective at reducing drag. They are also easier to install and remove, so they can be adjusted quickly depending on what kind of cargo you’re carrying.

No matter what type of bed cover you choose, it’s important to make sure that it fits correctly and is properly sealed around all edges. If there are gaps or openings in the seal, this can allow air to enter and decrease its effectiveness in improving gas mileage.


Truck bed covers help improve gas mileage by reducing drag and increasing aerodynamics. The type of cover chosen will determine how much it helps; hard covers provide more security but may not be as effective as soft covers at reducing drag. Regardless of what type you choose, it’s important that it fits correctly and is properly sealed around all edges to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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