How Much Does a Lance 850 Truck Camper Cost?

The Lance 850 Truck Camper is a luxurious and well-equipped recreational vehicle that is perfect for those who prefer to travel in style. This camper has all the amenities of home, such as a full bathroom, comfortable sleeping quarters, and a spacious kitchen.

It also boasts plenty of storage space, making it an ideal choice for long trips or extended camping trips. But how much does a Lance 850 Truck Camper cost?

The price of the Lance 850 Truck Camper will vary depending on the features and options you choose. The base model starts at around $50,000 and includes features such as an 8-foot slide-out dinette, a full bathroom with skylight shower, and full-size refrigerator.

You can also upgrade to the deluxe model which adds additional amenities such as a microwave oven, an oven with three burner range top, and an upgraded entertainment system. Additionally, you can choose from several exterior paint colors and interior fabrics.

In addition to the base model cost, you will need to factor in other costs associated with owning a Lance 850 Truck Camper. These include fuel costs for traveling long distances as well as maintenance costs associated with keeping your camper in good shape. You’ll also need to factor in insurance costs if you plan on taking your camper on extended trips.

When considering all these costs together, the total cost of owning a Lance 850 Truck Camper can be quite substantial. It’s important to weigh all your options carefully before making a final decision so that you can make the best purchase possible.


The cost of owning a Lance 850 truck camper varies depending on the features you choose and other associated costs like fuel and maintenance expenses. The base model starts at $50,000 but can be upgraded with additional amenities for more luxurious travel experiences. Ultimately, it’s important to consider all your options carefully so that you make the best purchase possible.

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