How Much Does a Monster Truck Driver Earn?

Monster truck drivers are the daredevils of the motorsport world, performing spectacular stunts in front of packed arenas. It takes a special kind of person to be able to perform in these huge machines, and as such, monster truck drivers are highly sought after and well paid.

Monster truck drivers are paid on a per-event basis, meaning they get a fee for each time they take part in an event. This is usually around $500-$1000, depending on the size and prestige of the event.

On top of this fee, there are often bonuses given out based on performance and crowd reaction. So if a driver puts on an especially thrilling show, they could walk away with even more money.

In addition to their fees for each event, monster truck drivers may receive sponsorship deals from companies who want to get their name associated with the sport. These sponsorship deals can range from clothing and equipment companies to energy drink brands and can add significantly to a driver’s income. A driver performing well at events could find themselves earning more than $1 million per year with all these additional sources.

So How Much Does a Monster Truck Driver Earn?

Monster truck drivers typically earn around $500-$1000 per event, with additional bonuses depending on performance and reaction from the crowd. However, if they secure sponsorship deals then they can easily earn more than $1 million annually.


Monster truck driving is an exciting career that pays well for those who have the skills and dedication needed to perform successfully. With fees for each event as well as bonuses for performance and potential sponsorship deals, monster truck drivers can easily earn up to $1 million or more annually.

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