How Much Does a Monster Truck Suspension Cost?

A monster truck suspension is a unique setup that is used to give the vehicle a large and powerful look. It also provides extra clearance for larger tires, allowing the truck to travel over rough terrain with ease.

The cost of a monster truck suspension will vary depending on the components used and the complexity of the setup.

Most suspensions will use either leaf springs or coil springs, along with heavy-duty shocks and struts. Leaf springs are typically more affordable, but require more maintenance and can be more difficult to tune for specific needs.

Coil springs offer better ride quality and can be easier to adjust for different driving conditions.

Other components that may be needed include lift kits, sway bars, control arms, and track bars. Lift kits are necessary to increase ground clearance, while sway bars reduce body roll in corners and control arms help keep the wheels aligned properly. Track bars are used to improve steering response and stability.

When it comes to pricing, expect to pay anywhere from $500-$3000 for a complete monster truck suspension setup. This price range includes all necessary parts such as shocks, struts, lift kits, sway bars, control arms, and track bars. The cost may also depend on whether you choose custom-made parts or off-the-shelf components.

Installing a monster truck suspension requires some technical know-how as well as special tools. For this reason it is best left to experienced professionals who can ensure that everything is installed correctly and safely.

A monster truck suspension can be an expensive investment but it will give your vehicle the aggressive look you desire while providing excellent handling capabilities over any terrain.


The cost of a monster truck suspension can range anywhere from $500-$3000 depending on the components used and complexity of the setup. Professional installation is recommended in order to ensure proper installation which will provide excellent performance over any terrain.

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