How Much Does a Semi Truck Load of Hay Cost?

Semi truckloads of hay are an economical and efficient way to transport large quantities of hay from one place to another. The cost of a semi truckload of hay depends on several factors such as the type and quality of hay, the distance it needs to be hauled, and the availability of hay in the area.

For a standard semi truckload of hay, which typically holds around 20 tons of hay, the cost can range from $800-$1,500 depending on location and quality. High-quality hay such as alfalfa or timothy will be more expensive than lower-grade hays like grass or straw. Additionally, if the destination is further away and requires more fuel to transport the load, then this will also affect the overall cost.

The cost may also depend on how much competition there is in an area for supplying hay. If there are several suppliers in close proximity competing with each other, then they may offer better deals on larger orders. Additionally, if there is a shortage in supply due to weather conditions or other factors, then prices may be higher.


The cost of a semi truckload of hay varies greatly depending on location, type/quality of hay, and availability in an area. On average however, a semi truckload can range from $800-$1,500 for 20 tons of hay. It is important to shop around for the best deal when purchasing large quantities such as this.

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