How Much Does a Semi Truck Tractor Weight?

A semi truck tractor is the part of a semi-truck that houses the engine and is connected to the trailer. The tractor is what makes the truck move, and it’s essential in modern transportation. But just how much does a semi truck tractor weigh?

The exact weight of a semi truck tractor will depend on the model, shape and size of the vehicle. Most standard semi truck tractors weigh between 12,000 to 14,000 pounds (5,443 to 6,350 kg).

The heavier models can weigh up to 15,000-17,500 pounds (6,804-7,938 kg).

The type of engine also affects the overall weight of a semi truck tractor. Diesel engines tend to be heavier than gasoline engines due to their larger size and fuel requirements. On average, diesel engines are 200-400 pounds (90-180 kg) heavier than gasoline engines.

The weight of additional components such as auxiliary power units (APUs), air tanks, air compressors and other accessories can add hundreds or even thousands of pounds to a semi truck tractor’s total weight.


In conclusion, a typical semi truck tractor will range in weight from 12,000 to 17,500 pounds (5443 to 7938 kg), depending on its model and size. The type of engine used can also make an impact on the overall weight of a semi truck tractor. With additional components such as APUs and air tanks included in the design of some models this number can be higher still.

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