How Much Does a Tire Weigh on a Monster Truck?

Monster trucks are some of the most iconic vehicles in history, no matter how long they have been around. They are well known for their large tires and powerful engines, but how much does a tire on a monster truck actually weigh?

The answer may surprise you. The typical tire on a monster truck weighs around 200 pounds.

This is much heavier than the average car tire, which weighs around 30 pounds. The heavier weight is due to the tougher rubber and reinforced steel used to construct the monster truck tires.

These heavy tires are what give monster trucks their impressive ground clearance and traction in off-road environments. If a normal car tire were used on a monster truck, it would be quickly destroyed by the tough terrain.

In addition to being heavier, monster truck tires also tend to be much wider than regular car tires. This provides them with an increased contact patch with the ground, which further improves their stability and traction.


Overall, a single tire on a monster truck can weigh up to 200 pounds due to its reinforced construction and wide tread pattern. This extra weight helps them maintain stability and traction when driving over rough terrain, making them some of the most capable off-road vehicles in existence.

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Karen Watkins