How Much Does a Truck Bed Liner Cost?

Truck bed liners are one of the most important investments you can make in your truck. Not only do they protect the bed of your truck from scratches, dents, and rust, but they also give it a great look.

But how much does a truck bed liner cost? The answer depends on a few factors.

The first factor is the type of truck bed liner you choose. There are several types available, from drop-in liners to spray-on liners.

Drop-in liners are typically more affordable and can cost anywhere from $50-$500 depending on the size and style. Spray-on liners are more expensive, but offer better protection and can last up to ten years or more. They generally cost between $500-$1500.

The second factor is the size of your truck bed. This will determine how much material you need for your liner as well as any special tools or equipment that may be required for installation. Larger trucks usually require more material and may require specialty tools, which can increase the overall cost.

The third factor is whether or not you choose to have a professional install the liner for you. If you go with a drop-in liner, installation is fairly straightforward and can be done at home with basic tools.

However, if you choose a spray-on liner, it’s best to have it professionally installed as this offers the best results. Professional installation will typically add $100-$200 to the total cost.


Overall, the cost of a truck bed liner depends on several factors including type of liner chosen, size of truck bed, and whether or not it’s professionally installed. Drop-in liners typically range in price from $50-$500 while spray-on liners range from $500-$1500 with professional installation adding an additional $100-$200 to the total cost.

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