How Much Does a Truck Camper Shell Way?

A truck camper shell is an accessory used to protect the bed of a pickup truck from rain, snow, debris, and other elements. The shells also provide additional storage space for items. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any size truck bed.

The cost of a truck camper shell depends on the size and make of the shell. Generally, smaller shells cost less than larger ones. The materials used in the construction can also affect the cost. Some shells are made from aluminum or fiberglass, while others may be made from steel or plastic.

The installation costs for a truck camper shell may vary depending on the type of material used and where it is being installed.

Some shells require special tools or expertise to install, which can increase the overall cost. Installation costs may also include any necessary hardware or brackets needed for mounting.

The added protection and storage provided by a truck camper shell makes them a great investment for many pickup owners. They are easy to install, provide added security and protection, and can help improve fuel economy by reducing drag on the bed of the truck. For those looking for extra storage without sacrificing style, they are an excellent choice.


The cost of a truck camper shell varies depending on size, make, material used in construction and installation costs. Smaller shells tend to be cheaper than bigger ones with higher-end materials increasing in price as well as installation costs if special tools or mounting hardware is required. However, they provide great value with added protection and storage that can help improve fuel economy as well as adding style.

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