How Much Does an Automatic Semi Truck Cost?

Semi-trucks have become an integral part of the transportation industry and are used to move goods and products around the world. As technology has advanced, so has the complexity of semi-trucks, and with more and more automation being implemented into these vehicles, the cost of owning a semi-truck has fluctuated significantly.

A standard semi-truck that is not automated can range from $50,000 to $150,000 depending on the size of the truck and its features. However, if you are looking for an automatic semi-truck, you should expect to spend much more.

An automatic semi-truck is one that is equipped with automated driving technology, such as lane departure warning systems, adaptive cruise control and automated braking systems. These vehicles have become increasingly popular due to their enhanced safety features and their improved fuel efficiency.

The average cost of an automatic semi-truck ranges anywhere from $150,000 to over $200,000 depending on the make and model. This price can be even higher when additional safety features or luxury amenities are added to the truck. Additionally, you should also factor in any taxes or fees associated with purchasing a vehicle in your area.

In addition to the upfront costs associated with buying an automatic semi-truck, there will also be maintenance costs that need to be taken into consideration. Automated trucks require regular maintenance just like any other vehicle, but they may also require specialized parts or services due to their advanced technology.


In conclusion, an automatic semi-truck can range from $150,000 to well over $200,000 depending on its make and model as well as any additional amenities or safety features it may have. Maintenance costs should also be taken into account when deciding whether or not investing in an automatic semi-truck is right for you.

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