How Much Does Grave Digger Make Monster Truck?

Most people know Grave Digger as the iconic Monster Truck that has dominated the sport for four decades. But how much does Grave Digger make? The answer is not as straightforward as one may think.

Grave Digger’s Earnings

Grave Digger has earned a great deal of money since its inception in 1982. It has won countless Monster Truck championships and continues to be one of the most popular Monster Trucks in the world. However, it is important to note that most of Grave Digger’s earnings come from merchandise sales and sponsorships, rather than from actual racing wins.

In terms of actual race winnings, Grave Digger has only earned a fraction of its total earnings. This is because most Monster Truck races are sponsored by companies who pay large sums to have their names associated with the truck. As a result, while Grave Digger may have won numerous Monster Truck races over the years, it has not earned much from those wins alone.

Grave Digger’s Merchandise

Grave Digger’s merchandise is highly sought after by Monster Truck fans everywhere. From T-shirts to die-cast models and even remote control cars, there is a wide variety of products bearing the iconic truck’s logo. These merchandise sales have been an important source of revenue for Grave Digger and have likely contributed significantly to its overall earnings.


Finally, sponsorships are another major source of income for Grave Digger. Companies such as Red Bull and Monster Energy have paid large amounts to be associated with the truck over the years, providing it with essential financial support that enables its continued success in the sport.

Conclusion: In conclusion, while it is difficult to determine exactly how much money Grave Digger makes from racing alone, it is clear that merchandise sales and sponsorships play an important role in its success. With four decades under its belt, Grave Digger remains one of the most iconic and successful Monster Trucks in history and continues to bring in substantial revenue each year.

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