How Much Does It Cost for a Tow Truck in Ontario?

Towing services are available in Ontario for a variety of reasons, from roadside assistance to the transport of large vehicles. The cost for tow truck service in Ontario is variable and depends on the type of service needed.

For light towing such as jump starts, flat tire changes, and lockout services, the cost is typically between $50 and $125. This cost can vary depending on the distance traveled, how long it takes to complete the job, and other factors.

For heavy towing such as hauling away a car that has been in an accident or transporting a large recreational vehicle, the cost can range from $150 to $500. Factors that will affect this cost include the distance traveled, size of vehicle being towed, fuel costs involved with traveling long distances, and any additional labor required to safely tow away the vehicle.

Additional Costs

In addition to the actual towing fees charged by tow truck companies in Ontario there are additional costs involved in having your vehicle towed. These include any applicable taxes or fees charged by local municipalities for providing tow truck services. Other fees may include storage costs if your vehicle needs to be stored until arrangements can be made for pickup or delivery.

Payment Options

Tow truck companies accept payment via cash or credit/debit card. Some companies may also accept other forms of payment such as check or money order. It’s important to discuss payment options before having your vehicle towed so that you know what will be expected upon completion of the service.


In conclusion, the cost for tow truck service in Ontario depends on a variety of factors including type of service needed, distance traveled, size of vehicle being towed and any additional labor required. Additional costs may include taxes or fees charged by local municipalities and storage costs if applicable. Payment options accepted by tow truck companies vary but typically include cash or credit/debit card payments.

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