How Much Does It Cost to Cover a Truck in Bed Liner?

Bed liners are an essential part of a truck’s protective barrier against scratches, dings and other damage that can occur from everyday use. Many people are interested in learning how much it costs to cover their truck in bed liner. The cost of truck bed liners will vary depending on the type of bed liner chosen, the size of the truck, and where the bed liner is being applied.

The three main types of truck bed liners are drop-in, spray-on, and roll-on. Drop-in liners are pre-formed plastic liners that fit into the bed of a pickup truck. They typically cost around $100-$400 depending on the size and model of your truck. Spray-on liners are sprayed directly onto the surface of the truck bed and then cured with a heat lamp. These typically cost around $500-$800 for a full coverage application. Finally, roll-on liners are a rubberized paint that is applied with a roller or brush to protect the surface from scratches or chips.

These typically cost around $200-$400 for an entire application.

In addition to these costs, it is important to take into consideration any additional materials or labor needed for installation as these can increase the overall cost significantly. For example, if you need professional installation for your drop-in liner this could add another $50-$200 to your total bill depending on how much labor is required. Similarly, if you choose spray-on or roll-on coatings they may require some additional supplies such as paint thinner or masking tape which can add another $30-$50 to your total bill.

Overall, it can cost anywhere between $100-$1000+ to cover your truck in bed liner depending on what type of liner you choose and whether or not you have professional installation done by an automotive technician or do it yourself at home with a DIY kit purchased from an auto parts store. The best way to determine what type of liner will work best for your vehicle and budget is to speak with an automotive technician who specializes in protective coatings and ask them what they recommend based on your particular needs and budget constraints.


Covering a truck in bed liner can be expensive but is well worth it in order to protect one’s vehicle from scratches, dings, and other damage caused by everyday use. The costs involved depend on what type of bed liner chosen (drop-in, spray-on, or roll-on) as well as any additional materials/labor needed for installation purposes which can increase overall costs significantly. It’s best to talk with an automotive technician who specializes in protective coatings so that one can determine which type of coating would work best based on their individual needs and budget constraints.

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