How Much Does It Cost to Put a Flat Bed on a Truck?

Flat beds are an incredibly useful addition to any truck; they provide a large, level surface to store things like construction materials and tools or simply transport them from one place to another. But just how much does it cost to put a flat bed on a truck? The answer depends on the size of the flat bed, the type of truck, and the method used to install the flat bed.

Flat beds come in all shapes and sizes, from full-size beds that cover the entire length of a truck bed to smaller beds that fit just behind the cab. The size of the bed will be one of the primary factors in determining cost.

A larger, full-size flat bed will be more expensive than a smaller one. Additionally, if you opt for an aftermarket flat bed, you may need to purchase mounting hardware and other accessories which will add to the total cost.

The type of truck you are putting a flat bed on will also factor into your costs. If you are installing a flat bed on an older model truck that has some rust or other damage, it may require additional labor and parts to properly install it. On newer trucks with fewer issues, installation can often be done more quickly and at less expense.

Finally, there is the method used for installation. If you are opting for an aftermarket flatbed kit, installation can usually be done by someone with some basic automotive knowledge. However, if you are having custom fabrication done for your particular truck model or size requirements then professional installation will likely be required – resulting in higher labor costs.

Conclusion: The cost of putting a flatbed on a truck can vary greatly depending on many factors such as size of the bed, type of truck and method used for installation. Aftermarket kits can offer quick and easy installation at less expense while custom fabrication may require professional installation resulting in higher labor costs. It is important to do your research before making any decisions so that you understand all associated costs and can choose what is best for your situation.

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