How Much Fuel Does a Semi Truck Tank Hold?

Semi-trucks, also known as semi-trailers or tractor trailers, are the large cargo carrying vehicles used for long-haul trucking applications. They are characterized by their dual sets of wheels and axles that allow for a larger capacity for goods to be transported. But how much fuel does a semi truck tank hold?

The capacity of a semi truck’s fuel tank depends on the type of vehicle and its purpose.

For example, an 18-wheeler carrying heavy goods will have a larger fuel tank than a smaller trailer used to transport lighter goods. Generally speaking, however, semi trucks typically hold between 350 and 600 gallons of diesel fuel in their tanks. This amount of fuel is enough to get the vehicle from one destination to another without needing to refuel in between.

Semi trucks are also equipped with auxiliary tanks that allow them to carry additional fuel. These tanks can be located behind the cab or attached to the frame. Depending on the size of the tank and its purpose, auxiliary tanks can hold up to 800 gallons of diesel fuel.

Due to their large capacity for carrying goods, semi trucks are often required to travel long distances and so must have enough fuel in their tanks to cover these longer journeys. In order for these vehicles to travel safely and efficiently over such distances, they must be equipped with proper maintenance routines that include checking fluid levels, including engine oil and coolant as well as checking tire pressure.

In conclusion, a semi truck tank holds anywhere from 350 gallons up 800 gallons depending on its purpose and size. Auxiliary tanks can also be added on for additional capacity if needed. Regardless of size, it is important that all maintenance is done regularly in order for these vehicles to safely reach their destinations without having any issues due to lack of fuel or other mechanical problems.

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