How Much Is a Truck Bed Full of Dirt?

A truck bed full of dirt can be a great way to improve the look of your yard or garden. It can also help with drainage and erosion control. A truck bed full of dirt can also be used to fill in low spots or to level out uneven areas. The amount of dirt needed for a truck bed will depend on the size of the bed and the amount of soil needed for the project at hand.

The cost of a truck bed full of dirt will vary depending on the type and quality of soil needed, as well as how much soil is needed. It is important to purchase quality soil for any type of landscaping project, as it will last longer and have less chance of becoming compacted over time. The cost per cubic yard can range from $20-$35, depending on where you purchase it from, and the quality of the soil.

In many cases, delivery costs may be included in the overall cost so it is important to ask about that when getting a quote from a supplier. If you are purchasing large amounts, you may be able to get a discount on delivery costs if you are able to pick up your order yourself.

If you need more than one truckload or if you don’t have access to a truck or trailer, there are companies that offer delivery services for an additional fee. This service is especially useful if you need multiple loads delivered at once.


How much is a truck bed full of dirt? The cost will depend on quantity, type and quality of soil, as well as delivery costs if applicable.

Quality soil is essential for any landscaping project and will last longer and have less chance of becoming compacted over time. Delivery services are available if needed but may incur additional fees.

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