How Much Is the New Mercedes-Benz Pickup Truck?

The new Mercedes-Benz pickup truck is the latest addition to the iconic German automaker’s lineup of vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is a mid-size pickup truck that combines the ruggedness of a traditional truck with the luxury and comfort of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. The X-Class was designed with utility and style in mind, giving drivers an all-in-one vehicle that can tackle both work and play.

The exterior of the X-Class has been designed to be both stylish and functional, featuring a sleek yet muscular design that gives it a strong presence on the road. On the inside, drivers will find luxurious amenities such as heated leather seating, dual zone climate control, and a 7” touchscreen multimedia system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. Safety features like Blind Spot Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Adaptive Cruise Control are also included standard in all models.

Underneath its modern styling is an impressive powertrain lineup that includes two diesel engines – a 2.3L four cylinder and a 3.0L V6 – as well as an optional gasoline V6 engine that produces up to 190 horsepower. All engines are mated to either a 6-speed manual or 7G-Tronic automatic transmission for smooth shifting performance. The X-Class also comes with 4MATIC all wheel drive as standard on most models for maximum traction on any terrain.

The new Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck has been priced starting at $41,000 for the base model and goes up to $62,000 for higher end trims with more powerful engines, premium features, and all wheel drive capability. To put this into perspective, this makes the Mercedes Benz X-Class one of the most expensive mid size pickups on the market today; however its high level of luxury features may make it worth its price tag for those looking for an upscale yet practical vehicle.

In conclusion, the new Mercedes Benz X Class pickup truck is an impressive combination of style, luxury and performance wrapped into one package; it packs impressive power under its hood while still offering plenty of premium amenities inside its cabin. With its starting price tag of around $41k it may be considered pricey compared to other mid size pickups; however considering what it has to offer in terms of luxury features and performance capabilities it could be worth every penny for those who are looking for an upscale yet practical vehicle.

Conclusion: How much is the new Mercedes Benz Pickup Truck? It starts at around $41k USD and can go up to $62k USD depending on trim level and engine options chosen; making it one of the most expensive mid size pickups on the market today but potentially worth its price tag due to its combination of style, luxury features and performance capabilities.

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