How Much Money Does It Cost to Make a Monster Truck?

Making a full-size monster truck typically requires a substantial investment of time, money and effort. A good starting point for making a monster truck is to purchase an appropriate vehicle, such as an SUV or pickup truck.

Depending on the model and condition of the vehicle, it can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000.

The next step is to modify the vehicle for use as a monster truck. This involves raising the suspension so that it can accommodate tall tires; adding roll cages and other safety features; upgrading the engine and transmission; and making custom modifications to body components such as fenders and bumpers. Depending on the complexity of these modifications, this stage can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000.

Once the vehicle has been modified into a monster truck, additional accessories must be added. This includes oversized tires (which can cost up to $2,500 each), custom paint jobs ($2,500 or more), racing seats ($500-$2,000 each) and custom audio systems ($1,000-$3,000). In addition, the driver may need specialty protective gear such as fire suits ($200-$600) and helmets ($100-$400).

In Summary:

In total, it can cost anywhere from $18,100 to $83,100 (or more) to build a full-size monster truck from scratch. The exact cost will depend on factors such as the model of vehicle selected for modification; complexity of modifications; quality of accessories added; etc.


Building a monster truck is no small task – it requires significant financial investment in order to construct one safely and accurately. However, with careful planning and budgeting it is possible to build your own full-size monster truck at an affordable price.

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