How Much Mulch Is in a Truck Bed?

Mulch is an essential material for gardening, landscaping, and other outdoor projects. It helps to retain moisture in the soil and provides a barrier against weeds.

But how much mulch can fit in a truck bed? The answer depends on the size of the truck bed and the type of mulch being used.

Size of Truck Bed: The size of the truck bed will determine how much mulch it can hold. A full-size pickup truck with an 8-foot bed can hold up to three cubic yards of mulch.

A smaller truck with a 6-foot bed can hold up to two cubic yards. If you are using a trailer, you can typically fit six to eight cubic yards depending on its size.

Type of Mulch: The type of mulch you are using will also affect how much you can fit in your truck bed. Hardwood mulches such as cypress or cedar chips are bulkier than softer pine needle or shredded bark mulches, so they take up more space in the truck bed. In general, one cubic yard of hardwood mulch will take up about 8 cubic feet of space, while one cubic yard of pine needle or shredded bark will take up about 5 cubic feet.

Calculating Volume: To calculate how much mulch is in your truck bed, you need to know both the size and type of the material being used. Measure the length and width of the truck bed and then multiply those two numbers together to get the total area in square feet.

Then multiply that number by the depth (in feet) that you want your mulch to be spread at. Finally, divide that number by either 8 (for hardwood) or 5 (for pine needle/shredded bark) to get an estimate on how many cubic yards are in your truck bed.

Conclusion: Ultimately, determining how much mulch is in a truck bed depends on both its size and type of material being used. A full-size pick-up with an 8-foot bed can generally hold up to three cubic yards while a smaller 6-foot pickup can typically fit two cubic yards. Using these simple calculations, one should have no problem figuring out just how much mulch is needed for their outdoor project!

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