How Much Weight Can a Flatbed Tow Truck Haul?

Flatbed tow trucks are incredibly versatile and powerful tools, able to haul and tow a variety of vehicles and equipment. The amount of weight that a flatbed tow truck can haul depends on the size of the truck, the type of engine, and the specific equipment used.

Truck Size

The size of the flatbed tow truck is a major factor in determining how much weight it can haul. Generally speaking, larger trucks are capable of hauling more weight than smaller ones. For example, a small flatbed truck may only be able to haul two or three tons, while a large flatbed truck may be able to haul up to ten tons or more.

Truck Engine

The type of engine used in the flatbed tow truck also plays an important role in determining how much weight it can carry. Diesel engines are typically more powerful than their gasoline counterparts, allowing them to handle heavier loads with ease. Additionally, some engines have turbocharging capabilities which can further increase their hauling capacity.


The type of equipment used on the flatbed tow truck can also affect its hauling capacity. Different types of winches and cranes can be added to increase its load-carrying capacity by providing additional support for heavier loads. Additionally, different types of tires may be used depending on the terrain that needs to be traversed; for example, off-road tires have higher load ratings than standard tires and thus can handle heavier loads with greater ease.

How much weight a flatbed tow truck can haul depends on several factors including its size, engine type, and equipment used. Generally speaking, larger trucks with diesel engines and additional equipment such as winches or cranes will be able to handle heavier loads with greater ease than smaller trucks with gasoline engines and standard tires.

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