How Much Weight Can a Flatbed Tow Truck?

Flatbed tow trucks are an incredibly useful tool for a variety of towing jobs. They are able to handle larger, heavier loads than most other tow trucks and they can be used in different ways to move vehicles, equipment, and other items.

But how much weight can a flatbed tow truck actually handle?

The answer depends on the type of flatbed tow truck that you are using. Standard flatbeds are generally rated to haul up to five tons of weight which is the equivalent of 10,000 pounds.

However, some larger flatbeds are capable of hauling up to 10 tons which is the equivalent of 20,000 pounds.

When choosing a flatbed tow truck for your needs it is important to consider the size and weight of whatever you need to transport. If you are moving something smaller than 5 tons then a standard-sized flatbed will suffice. However, if your item weighs more than 5 tons then you should look into getting a larger model that can handle the extra weight.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there may be additional restrictions when it comes to transporting certain items with a flatbed tow truck. This is because some items may require special permits or additional safety measures depending on their size or weight. So it’s important that you check with your local laws before attempting any kind of transport with a flatbed or any other type of tow truck.


Flatbed tow trucks can be incredibly useful for transporting large and heavy items but it is important to know how much weight they can actually handle before attempting any kind of transport. Generally speaking, standard-sized flatbeds are capable of hauling up to five tons while larger models can haul up to 10 tons. It’s also important to keep in mind any additional restrictions or permits that may be required when transporting certain items.

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