How Much Weight Can a Tow Truck Pull?

Tow trucks are incredibly useful for anyone who has ever had a vehicle breakdown or needed to transport a large item. The question is, however, how much weight can a tow truck pull?

The answer depends on the size of the tow truck and its engine power.

Light-duty tow trucks, such as those used to move cars from one location to another, have a capacity of about 10,000 pounds. If the vehicle is larger, such as an SUV or pickup truck, it may be able to tow up to 20,000 pounds.

Medium-duty tow trucks have a higher capacity and can typically handle up to 35,000 pounds. This type of truck is often used in commercial applications such as hauling boats or construction equipment.

Heavy-duty tow trucks are capable of pulling even heavier loads and can handle up to 80,000 pounds with ease. These powerful vehicles are often used in industrial settings and for moving large equipment like buses and semi-trucks.

Other Factors

In addition to the size and power of the tow truck itself, there are other factors that must be taken into consideration when determining how much weight a truck can pull safely. For example, the weight of the load being towed will affect the overall capacity of the vehicle.

Additionally, if the load is being towed over long distances or on rough terrain then this could put additional strain on the vehicle’s suspension and brakes.


The amount of weight a tow truck can pull depends on several factors including its size and engine power as well as any additional strain being placed on it due to terrain or distance traveled. A light-duty tow truck typically has a capacity of 10,000 pounds while medium-duty trucks can handle up to 35,000 pounds and heavy-duty models can haul up to 80,000 pounds with ease.

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