How Tall Is a Camper Shell for a Truck?

A camper shell for a truck is an important purchase for anyone looking to turn their truck into a touring vehicle. The height of the camper shell is an important factor to consider when making this purchase, as it affects the overall size of the vehicle and its ability to fit in tight spaces.

Generally speaking, camper shells for trucks come in three different heights: Low Profile, Mid Rise, and High Rise. Low Profile shells are usually around two feet tall, while Mid-Rise shells can be as tall as three feet.

High Rise shells are generally the tallest of the three, with heights ranging from four to six feet.

The type of camper shell you choose will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Low Profile shells are best suited for people who plan to travel through tight spaces or use their truck as a commuter vehicle.

They offer good visibility and aerodynamics but offer limited interior space. Mid-Rise shells are great for those who need more interior space than what is offered by Low Profile shells but still need some maneuverability in tight spaces. Finally, High Rise shells are perfect for those looking for plenty of interior living space but don’t mind sacrificing some maneuverability.

No matter which type of camper shell you choose, it’s important to measure your truck bed before making a purchase so that you get the right size. It’s also important to check the weight capacity of your truck to ensure it can handle any additional weight from the camper shell.


The height of a camper shell for a truck will depend on the type you choose – Low Profile is usually two feet tall while High Rise can be four to six feet tall – but it’s essential to measure your truck bed before purchasing one so that you get the right size and check its weight capacity beforehand too.

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