How to Store Truck Camper Off Truck?

Truck campers are an investment and should be stored properly to ensure they remain in good condition. Properly storing a truck camper off the truck is the best way to ensure its longevity. Here are some tips for safely storing a truck camper off the truck:

1. Choose an Appropriate Location
The first step to properly storing a truck camper off the truck is to choose an appropriate location.

It should be flat and level, preferably on gravel or concrete. It’s important that there aren’t any trees, buildings, or other structures nearby as these can cause damage to the camper if left for too long. The location should also have ample drainage so that water doesn’t accumulate underneath the camper.

2. Clean and Dry
Before storing your truck camper off the truck, it’s important to thoroughly clean it and dry it out completely. This will help prevent mold and mildew from forming while in storage, which can cause extensive damage over time.

3. Lift with Jacks
Once you’ve chosen a location and thoroughly cleaned and dried your camper, you can lift it off of your truck with jacks.

Make sure you use quality jacks that are designed for lifting heavy objects like a truck camper. This will help ensure that your camper is lifted safely without any damage.

4. Use Blocks or Jack Stands
Once your camper is lifted off of the truck, it’s important to use blocks or jack stands to support it in order to prevent any shifting or sagging while in storage. This will also help keep your camper from tipping over if there are high winds or other inclement weather conditions.

Following these tips will help ensure that your truck camper stays in good condition while stored off the truck.


Storing a Truck Camper off of its Truck requires careful planning and preparation but can be done safely with minimal effort by following these steps: choosing an appropriate location; cleaning and drying; lifting with jacks; using blocks or jack stands for support; and checking periodically for signs of wear or damage due to weather conditions. With these steps followed, your Truck Camper should remain in great condition when stored away from its Truck!

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