How Wide Are Monster Truck Axles?

Monster trucks are an exciting motorsport that has been around since the 1970s and continues to expand in popularity. The oversized, off-road vehicles have become a staple in American culture, often seen at fairs, festivals, and other events. One of the most important components of any monster truck is its axles. The axles provide the strength and stability needed to navigate rough terrain and perform incredible stunts.

But how wide are monster truck axles?

Monster truck axles can range in size from 80-160 inches wide (2-4 meters). The exact width of each axle depends on the type of truck being used. Larger trucks will generally require wider axles to support their weight, while smaller trucks may not need as much width.

In addition to size, the material used on monster truck axles is also important. Many trucks use steel or aluminum alloy for their axles due to their strength and longevity. This type of material is able to withstand the intense forces exerted on them when performing jumps or other stunts.

Monster trucks also need custom hubs and bearings in order to function properly. These components are designed specifically for each axle’s width and must be able to support the weight of the vehicle as it traverses various types of terrain.


Monster truck axles can range in size from 80-160 inches wide, depending on the type of truck being used. The material used for these axles is typically steel or aluminum alloy for its strength and durability. Custom hubs and bearings are also necessary for these vehicles to operate correctly.

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