How Wide Is a 2013 Toyota Tacoma Truck Bed?

The 2013 Toyota Tacoma is a dependable and reliable midsize pickup truck. It has been a popular choice among consumers since its introduction in 1995.

The 2013 Tacoma is available in a variety of configurations and can accommodate everything from light cargo to heavy-duty hauling. One of the most important features of any pickup truck is its bed size, and the 2013 Tacoma does not disappoint in this area.

The standard bed size for the 2013 Tacoma is 60.3 inches wide by 50.6 inches long. This size bed can fit a full-size pallet and offers plenty of room for small loads.

For heavier loads, an extended cab version of the Tacoma with a larger 73-inch wide by 51-inch long bed is available. This version also includes an integrated storage system for added convenience.

Additional Options: In addition to the standard and extended cab versions, the 2013 Tacoma also offers an Access Cab configuration with a 70-inch wide by 47-inch long bed. This version has more seating space than the other two options but sacrifices some cargo space due to its shorter length.

Conclusion: The 2013 Toyota Tacoma offers several different options when it comes to bed sizes, ranging from the standard 60.3 inch wide by 50.6 inch long to the extended cab’s 73 inch wide by 51 inch long size. No matter what your needs are, you’re sure to find something that fits them with this dependable pickup truck.

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