How Wide Is a 8 Foot Truck Bed?

A 8 foot truck bed is an ideal size for a variety of tasks. It is the perfect size for hauling large items such as furniture and appliances, or for larger items such as an ATV, trailers, or boats. Depending on the make and model of the truck, 8 foot beds can range from 6.5 to 8 feet in width.

The added width of an 8 foot bed allows drivers to fit larger cargo with ease, while also providing additional protection from road debris that could damage your belongings. Many trucks equipped with 8 foot beds also have higher payload ratings than those with shorter beds, allowing you to haul more cargo weight safely.

When it comes to customizing your truck bed for specific needs, 8 foot models are very versatile and can be fitted with a wide range of accessories. Many manufacturers offer accessories such as tool boxes and tie-down straps that can be easily installed in the bed of your truck according to your needs.

In addition to being able to fit more cargo into a 8 foot truck bed, you will also benefit from the added fuel efficiency associated with such a large bed size. This means that when you need to transport larger items on a regular basis, your fuel costs will remain low while still achieving maximum capacity in your truck’s bed.


A 8 foot truck bed offers many advantages over shorter beds including improved payload ratings, easier customization options and better fuel efficiency. With its versatile size and ability to fit larger items than shorter beds, a 8 foot truck bed is an ideal choice for anyone looking to transport heavier cargo or who requires more space for their belongings.

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