How Wide Is a CM Truck Bed?

CM Truck Beds is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, durable truck beds for commercial and personal use. The company has been producing truck beds since 1972, and is well-known for its innovative designs, heavy duty construction and long-lasting performance.

CM Truck Beds offers several bed sizes to fit both standard and custom-sized trucks. One of the most popular models is the CM Flatbed, which comes in a variety of widths ranging from 60 inches to 96 inches.

The CM Flatbed is designed to be versatile enough to fit almost any truck size or application. It features an all-steel frame that’s built to last, as well as reinforced steel cross members for maximum strength and durability.

The flatbed also features a diamond plate floor that’s both slip-resistant and corrosion-resistant for added safety and security when hauling cargo. For added convenience, there are several options available for adding additional storage space or accessories.

The CM Flatbed also has several different bed widths available depending on the size of the truck it’s being installed on. The smallest width available is 60 inches, while the largest is 96 inches. This allows customers to select the perfect size for their specific vehicle without having to worry about it being too small or too large.


The CM Flatbed by CM Truck Beds is an excellent choice for those looking for a rugged yet customizable truck bed solution. With multiple sizes available ranging from 60 inches to 96 inches in width, customers can easily find the perfect size that fits their truck perfectly. Whether you’re hauling cargo or just want more storage space in your pickup, this flatbed provides a durable solution that’ll last you years down the road.

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