How Wide Is a F250 Truck Bed?

The Ford F250 is a highly popular full-size pickup truck with a wide range of customizable features and options. One of the most important features of any pickup truck is the size of its bed, and the F250 bed is no exception. The size of the bed varies depending on the model, but generally, the F250 has one of the widest beds in its class.

The Ford F250 has a traditional style bed that is available in either a 6.75-foot or 8-foot length. The width of the bed can vary from 54 inches to 63 inches depending on whether you choose to equip your truck with an optional extra-wide cargo box.

In addition to these two standard sizes, there are also several other options available for those looking for an even wider bed. These include an extra-wide cab and box combination which can measure up to 71 inches wide, as well as a super duty long box option which measures up to 81 inches wide.

Towing Capacity

The size of your F250’s bed will also determine its maximum towing capacity. The larger and wider your bed is, the greater your towing capacity will be. Generally speaking, a 6.75-foot bed will have a maximum capacity of around 10,000 pounds while an 8-foot bed can tow up to 14,000 pounds.

Fuel Efficiency

Another factor that plays into fuel efficiency is weight. The heavier your truck is, the more fuel it will consume during operation. Therefore, if you’re looking for optimal fuel efficiency from your F250 then you should consider opting for a smaller and lighter load box option such as the 6.75-foot version.

No matter what size or style of Ford F250 you choose, you’re sure to be impressed by its power and versatility as well as its comfortable interior features and generous cargo space.


The Ford F250 offers a variety of different sizes when it comes to its truck beds ranging from 54 inches up to 81 inches wide with varying maximum towing capacities associated with each size option. Additionally, lighter load options can provide better fuel efficiency than larger ones so it’s important to consider what size best fits your needs when choosing which model is right for you.

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