How Wide Is a Full Size Ford Truck Bed?

The full-size Ford truck bed is an essential part of any Ford truck. It allows owners to load up their trucks with cargo and transport it to their destination with ease.

The size of the bed varies depending on the model of the truck, but they generally range from five to eight feet in length and have a width of either 50 or 68 inches.

The five-foot beds are found on F-150s, Super Duty F-250s, and Super Duty F-350s. These beds are perfect for those who need to transport smaller items such as furniture, camping equipment, and bicycles.

They are also great for loading up smaller items for weekend getaways or short trips.

The six-foot beds are available on all Ford F-150s and Super Duty F-250s. These beds are larger than the five-foot beds and can accommodate more cargo.

They are ideal for those who need to transport larger items such as four wheelers, ATVs, boats, and other heavy equipment. The extra length also makes it easier to pack in more items when going on longer trips.

The eight-foot beds are only available on Super Duty F-250s and Super Duty F-350s. These beds offer the most space when it comes to carrying cargo and can easily fit large items such as horse trailers, RVs, or large pieces of machinery. They provide the most amount of storage space compared to the other bed sizes.


When it comes to purchasing a full size Ford truck bed, there is no one size fits all solution as there is a range of different bed sizes available depending on the make and model of your truck. The five foot bed is great for smaller loads while the eight foot bed offers a lot of space for larger loads. No matter which option you choose, you can be sure that your truck will be able to handle whatever you need it to carry.

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