How Wide Is a GMC Sierra Truck Bed?

The GMC Sierra is a popular full-size pickup truck, and it’s known for its powerful performance, rugged design, and long-lasting durability. It’s also popular for its spacious bed, which can accommodate a variety of cargo. The width of the bed depends on the trim level you choose, with wider beds available for those who need more space to haul larger items.

The base model GMC Sierra comes in two cab sizes: regular cab and double cab. The regular cab has a standard 6 ½ foot bed that measures 69 inches wide from side to side.

The double cab includes an 8 foot bed that measures 79 inches wide. This extra ten inches of width can come in handy when transporting larger items like furniture or appliances.

For those who need even more interior space, GMC also offers an optional 6 ½ foot box that measures 86 inches wide – more than enough room to haul all your large cargo needs. This extended box is available on all trim levels except the base model and requires the purchase of a special package that includes the box along with other upgrades such as fog lamps and running boards.

The GMC Sierra also offers several additional features that can help you maximize your hauling capacity, including adjustable tie-down cleats that help secure cargo in place and an optional spray-in bedliner for added protection from scratches or dents caused by shifting loads. There are even EZ Lift-and-Lower tailgates available on some models to make loading and unloading cargo easier than ever before!

No matter what you need to transport in your GMC Sierra pickup truck, there’s a bed size and configuration to meet your needs – from the standard 6 ½ foot bed all the way up to the extended 86 inch wide box for maximum hauling capacity. So no matter how much or how little you need to haul, there’s a GMC Sierra truck bed size perfect for you!

Conclusion: How wide is a GMC Sierra Truck Bed? It depends on which trim level and cab size you select – with beds ranging from 69 inches (regular cab) up to 86 inches (extended box). With so many options available, there’s sure to be a perfect size for whatever hauling needs you may have!

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