How Wide Is a Mini Truck Bed?

Mini trucks are becoming increasingly popular among truck owners, as they offer a compact and agile alternative to traditional full-size pickups. These small pickups have a much smaller bed than their full-size counterparts, but their size can still be quite useful for hauling smaller items or for off-roading. So, how wide is a mini truck bed?

The exact width of a mini truck bed can vary depending on the model and make of the truck, but most are usually around four feet wide. This is considerably narrower than the average full-size truck bed, which can typically range from five to six feet in width. The shorter length of mini trucks also means that they may have slightly less capacity than a full-size pickup, though this varies depending on the make and model.

In addition to size, it’s important to consider the other features that come with a mini truck bed. Some models may come with tie-down points or toolboxes built into the bed itself, while other models may come with additional features such as a tailgate or tonneau cover. These features can be great for those who need extra storage space or want more security when hauling items.

Features like these can help make up for the smaller size of the mini truck bed. There are also several accessories that are available to help make up for any shortcomings in size or capacity. For example, there are various cargo carriers and racks that can be attached to mini truck beds to increase their carrying capacity. Additionally, many aftermarket companies offer custom beds and liners specifically designed to fit each type of mini truck.

Overall, while mini trucks have much smaller beds than their full-size counterparts, they still offer plenty of utility and features. With careful consideration of size and features as well as aftermarket accessories, owners can find plenty of options for making the best use out of their mini truck beds.


Mini trucks generally have beds that range from four to five feet in width and feature several helpful accessories and aftermarket options that can help maximize storage capacity. With careful consideration given to size, features and accessories, owners will be able to make the best use out of their mini truck beds.

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