How Wide Is a Normal Pickup Truck?

The size of a normal pickup truck can vary depending on the make and model, and this is why it is difficult to answer the question ‘How wide is a normal pickup truck?’ with a single figure. Typically, however, most pickup trucks are between six and eight feet wide, depending on the model.

The width of a pickup truck depends largely on the body type. Standard cab models tend to be narrower than crew cab models, for instance.

Other factors that can affect the width of a pickup truck include its engine size and suspension system. Some trucks may also come with trim packages that add extra features such as running boards or spoilers, which can add to their overall width.

The width of a pickup truck also affects its weight capacity. Heavier trucks tend to have wider bodies in order to support their increased load-bearing capacity. This means that if you plan to tow or carry heavier items in your truck, you should consider getting one with a wider body.

When it comes to parking your pickup truck in a garage or driveway, many homeowners prefer narrower models since they take up less space and are easier to maneuver. If you plan to park your pickup in an outdoor area such as an RV park or campground, however, you may want to opt for one with more width since they will offer greater stability when maneuvering around tight corners.


In conclusion, the answer to ‘How wide is a normal pickup truck’ really depends on what make and model you choose as well as other factors such as engine size and suspension system. However, most standard pickups can be expected to range from six to eight feet wide.

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